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Become an organizational partner


The core of what we do is only possible because of organizational partners who are working daily to provide basic needs for children in need.  These organizations/institutions provide educational supplements or daily meals.  


Each "program" must commit to the following stages: 


The support of teachers and other volunteers of your organization is indispensible.  however, we are aware that not everyone has an arts background.  After going through our video series training your volunteers & staff will be able to think creatively & teach the kids how to think creatively...our main goal. 


Art-intensive workshops is how we impact the life of a child.  Through a series of workshops each child will learn about drawing, painting, color combinations, but most importantly how to use their imagination.

Our workshops are flexible-where we can adjust to your organizational schedule. 

There is a minimal fee per child that will cover the cost of the workshop & materials. The rest is subsidized through the sale of our LUNNA products, donations & corporate sponsorhips. 


3. Community

The children who participate in our workshops are elligible to participate in an art show at the end of the year.  Through a jury committee of artists, community members, etc.  a selection of finalists will be chosen to represent the kids. 


Do you fit the following criteria?